Drive Customer Loyalty, Efficiency and Productivity with Source

Source is a digital supply chain management solution for retailers and brands that helps them get their consumers what they want, when they want, in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Source makes your supply chain a competitive advantage for your retail business and boosts customer loyalty.

Source is powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, available at any time and in any place.


Operate at Lightning Speed

Source has a number of features that will make your retail business faster, leaner and more efficient.


Digital Transformation

Source digitizes and automates the product lifecycle management and sourcing function, eliminating tedious manual entry of data and enabling you to quickly find all your product and vendor data in one place, rather than spread across multiple spreadsheets or documents.


Real-time Visibility

Source provides real-time visibility and transparency of your product development from ideation to procurement, with all the product and vendor data you need accessible within a few clicks, enabling you to make faster and more informed decisions that benefit your business.



Source allows seamless interaction with your vendors and suppliers through one platform, enhancing collaboration speed and reducing misunderstandings that could harm your business. For example, you can request quotes from multiple vendors and have them all arrive on one dashboard enabling you to make easy comparisons, instead of receiving them in separate emails.

Business Benefits for Retailers

Source, combined with Gravity’s Purchase Order Management solution, provides retailers and brands with several business benefits, enabling them to satisfy the challenging demands of today’s always-on consumer, who wants the latest trending items on day one. Gravity’s solution thus helps make your customers happy and keeps them away from competitors.


Faster Sourcing and Speed-to-Market

  • Faster vendor on-boarding time to decrease the product development timeline
  • Faster turnaround time from consumer demand to shelf to minimize lost sales opportunities
  • Shorter time between developing products and receiving new products

Greater Productivity

  • Automated processes mean less time spent manually inputting data, enabling your team to work on more value-added tasks, such as negotiating better pricing, finding superior products, and making strategic plans for the business
  • Real-time visibility into the supply chain results in quicker responses to changes in supply and demand
  • Painless collaboration gets everyone on the same page, working more efficiently to meet business goals

Increased Revenue

  • Quicker speed-to-market generates higher sales since the product offered matches the latest consumer demands
  • Faster sourcing means less revenue lost through outdated stock sitting in the warehouse that needs to be marked down
  • Optimized operations through digital transformation save time and money

Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage Now

About Gravity Supply Chain

Gravity Supply Chain is a state-of-the-art technology platform with solutions that give Retailers, Brands and Manufacturers, Logistics Providers and Freight Forwarders unprecedented 24/7 visibility into their entire supply network. By uniting all industry stakeholders on one platform, Gravity drastically improves cooperation and decision-making at every stage of the supply chain.

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